Factory Automation

The Factory Automation and Analytics Toolkit (FAAT) is a robust software package, comprising industry-tested models designed to enhance operational efficiency in factory settings.

Product Features

Utilize the modular design of our software to apply intelligent functions across various situations. Enhance your factory’s output by emphasizing human-machine collaboration.

We bridge the gap by seamlessly linking essential components of machine vision and industrial robotics, empowering companies to automate labor-intensive tasks, enhancing efficiency and fostering smooth collaboration between your team and machines.

Computer vision accelerates delivery times by systematically inspecting, detecting, and navigating through issues and identifying problems efficiently.

Machine learning enhances maintenance strategies by adapting and optimizing processes automatically, enabling a proactive approach to equipment management and problem-solving.

Cobots, or collaborative robots, work alongside humans to enhance productivity and efficiency, automating repetitive tasks and improving workplace safety and flexibility.

I/O interfaces facilitate seamless communication between various hardware and software components, ensuring smooth and coordinated operations.

Predictive analytics unveils patterns and trends from existing data, forecasting future outcomes to enable informed decision-making.

Predictive maintenance optimizes equipment upkeep by balancing corrective and preventative actions, enabling timely component replacements to prevent downtime.

  • How can the FAAT HMT toolkit enhance your operations?

    Uses Cases

  • Eyes on the Prize

    Computer Vision

    • Inspection of Materials

    • Defect Identification

    • Plain Text Reading

    • Package Inspection

    • Track and Trace

    • Guide and Align

    • Navigation Systems

    • Automate Quality Control

  • Forecast Trends

    Predictive Analytics

    • Price Predictions
    • Forecast Labor Shortages
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Capacity Planning
    • Risk Modeling
    • Churn Prevention

  • Maintain Machine Efficiency

    Predictive Maintenance

    • Forecast Machine Downtime
    • Optimize Machine Utilization
    • Real Time Health Insights

    • Customized Maintenance Schedules

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