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Studies and Publications

In this paper, we propose a method to design an HMT based on a generalized architecture. This design includes the development of an intelligent collaborative system and the human team. Followed by the identification of processes and metrics to test and validate the proposed model, we present a novel human-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation method. The effectiveness of this method is demonstrated using two controlled HMT scenarios…

Focus: #HMT

This paper explores a variety of machine learning models, from heuristic statistical techniques to advanced deep learning methods, to forecast the COVID-19 dynamic. We have compared methods such as Liner Regression, Elastic net regularization, Random-forest regressor, XGBoost regressor, Simple exponential smoothing, and…

Focus: #Machine Learning

This paper presents an innovative idea of designing a DC generator that reduces the hierarchy of power conversion levels involved to improve the efficiency. The back and forth motion of the machine means it operates in a two-quadrant generation mode. The machine was constructed as a square box model with windings placed on both the top and bottom stator plates, and the rotor consisted of a field winding placed between these plates with two axes of operation.

Focus: #Renewable Energy

In this work, we propose an intelligent voice-based assistant for COVID-19 self-assessment (IVACS). This interactive assistant has been built to diagnose the symptoms related to COVID-19 using the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Focus: #Artificial_Intelligence #Assistive_Technology

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